Practical information

Do you need visa in order to work as a volunteer at hostels in Norway? Read on...

Perhaps visa-stuff sounds boring. But it might be important so please read on…

Do you need a visa in order to volunteer Norway?

It’s not a part of Hostelling International, Norway’s volunteer program to assist in applying for visa or other possible documents needed for getting to Norway.

We therefore strongly advise you to visit the UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration) homepage where you can find information about who needs visa to get to Norway.

  • If the duration of the volunteering period is less than 90 days and you are an EEA (EU and EFTA countries) or a Schengen national you don’t need visa to get to Norway. Nationals of these countries can therefore travel freely into Norway, without applying for a visa. No visa requirement also applies to nationals of countries outside EEA/Schengen that have visa exemption agreements with Norway. Nationals from countries with exemption agreements can stay in Norway for up to 90 days.
  • Nationals from countries outside EEA/Schengen AND countries without visa exemption agreements with Norway need visa in order to visit and volunteer in Norway.

More practical information about the program here.


How to apply for the Volunteer program?

If you have any further questions concerning the social volunteer program, don’t hesitate to ask us by filling out the form below.
If you think that the social volunteer program by Hostelling International, Norway might be of your interest please apply (use the form below) for our Social Volunteer Contract consisting of The Info-Kit and The Volunteer Agreement. If you – after having read the The Social Volunteer Contract – want to volunteer send us your CV, a picture of you and a couple of words about yourself and why you think the social volunteer program will suit you just fine.