Participating hostels

Seven hostels in FjordNorway – the south-western part of Norway – are participating in the social volunteering program. Some of the are open all year – others only during the summer. High season for the hostels in FjordNorway is in June, July and August. Contrary to what most people think, it is too mild in many parts of FjordNorway to do winter sports. You have to get away from the mildness of The Gulf Stream to make it possible. Of the hostels involved in this program we are talking about Geilo Hostel (especially) and Voss Hostel.
One thing you should remember if you want to volunteer: You always start  and end your volunteering period in Bergen at Bergen Hostel Montana and Hostelling International, Norway Region West do the planning – which means that you cannot choose which hostel(s) to volunteer at.

Bergen Hostel Montana

Voss Hostel

Geilo Hostel

Førde Hostel

Hardanger Hostel

Ålesund Hostel

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