Where in the World…

Where in the world is Norway?

Let’s start with a look at Norway from a distance – somewhere in space. Norway is the red spot way up north on the globe. The location is the reason for its name: The north-way. Makes sense if you come from the south, and that was what people did way back. People from Denmark and Germany were heading north – the north way.

Volunteering at hostels in Norway? Let's find out first where on Earth we are...

Okay, Norway is located in Northern Europe neighboring Sweden, Finland and even a narrow stretch of Russia. If you go by boat to the south you’ll sooner or later reach Denmark and if you choose to cross the North Sea you get to Great Britain or Iceland depending on how you set sail. That was what the vikings from Norway did some 1100 years ago, but that’s a different story…

Let’s take a closer look at Norway:

Map of Norway with hostels participating in the social volunteer program

Yes. Norway is a loooong country. But as far as social volunteering is concerned we’ll concentrate on hostels situated in the south-western part. Every participating hostel in the social volunteering program is surrounded by an orange circle. Let’s take closer look again:

The social volunteer always starts in Bergen at Bergen Hostel Montana. Bergen, once the capital of Norway, is situated in the horizontal middle of the map. Click on the map and it will become larger. You see the plane about to land in Bergen? There are other ways but that’s probably the way you arrive in Bergen too if you choose to become a social volunteer at Hostelling International, Norway.

You can read more about the seven participating hostels here. Read about what to do and how to apply here. Comments? Fill out the form below: